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 Composer & Songwriter


I'M KYLE. I'M A COMPOSER, SONGWRITER, AND PRODUCER with a passion for arranging and adapting themes across genres, a soft spot for a good phrase, and want to give stories a time and place with unique instrumentation. 

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Sing Kyle

I’m the Music & Marketing Coordinator at Flavorlab NY by day, composer sometimes also by day, I write music for media, predominantly television, advertising, and short film. When I'm not writing, I consult songwriters, produce and mix bands, and play shows. I originally hail from the small town of Redding, CT, where, in the 4th grade, I was fatefully handed a mysterious tube of brass, the trombone.  


This started the avalanche that is my life in music. A few years in and I'd met a teacher who would also walk me through guitar and soon I was writing songs.Years of YouTube videos, shows at local haunts, scrappy recordings, and a shift into composing, I left the woods for the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami. Here I was introduced to ProTools and we've been going steady ever since.I served as the president of the Society of Composers, Inc.; premiering student work and planning concert series' and my involvement won me a residency with the Lunar Ensemble. When I wasn't in school, I was back north interning in licensing at Zync Music, and then as a composition intern at Mophonics Music + Sound. I was awarded a seat at GameSoundCon 2016 as a G.A.N.G. Scholar for a track I'd pitched to Mophonics. Nowadays, I lurk around as the neighborhood composer amongst the lawyers and lobbyists in the District. In January 2018, I released my first EP, Good Mood, as a songwriter, arranger, producer.



Tuesday, 7.16 | 11th Street Bar | 9:00pm - 11:00pm

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